2021 Essential Teller Issues  - June 15th

Essential Teller Issues zeros in on six modules that remind the teller how important their job is, how significant their actions are, and how customers should be interacted with. This teller training program is information-packed and att ention-grabbing! Tellers will leave this workshop with a renewed commitment to excel on the job. Every attendee will also get a copy of a comprehensive training manual that doubles as a guide for the workplace. Essential Teller Issues is considered the most dynamic teller training experience in the country!
Who Should Attend
Anyone who has customer contact (You are the FACE of the Bank) and those who manage the customer experience.
Topics include:
• Develop professional maturity
• Best practices for following procedures
• Robbery preparedness
• Spotting schemes and scams
• Understanding some of the risks we experience on the front-line
• Cover the why behind some of the processes and procedures we are required to do
• Build extraordinary customer experience skills
• Effective communication and conversation starters for those difficult conversations
• Master cross-selling and referrals
• See our role through the lens of the customer
• See the benefits of teamwork
• & More
Presenter - Vikki Kraai
Owner/Founder of VK Solutions, a consulting company. Vicki’s 25+ years of Community Bank experience started at the family bank in rural Nebraska, serving as a bank teller and eventually becoming CEO. Vicki’s many years of banking include credit card lending experience where she was a member of the management team that launched the Cabela’s credit card program. She has a passion for developing people for success in their roles and careers.
Registration Fees are based off of the Bank/Company Asset Size:
_____ $100 million or less: $300
_____ $101 million to $400 million: $500
_____ $401 million to $750 million: $700
_____ Over $750 million: $900
_____ Assocatiate Members: $700
_____ Non-members: $1,250
•Add $50 if registering after June 8, 2021.
• Registration fees are based off the bank/company size for all locations in Kansas.
• Registration fees are per bank/company, not individual.
• Please mark the appropriate asset size above which corresponds to your financial institution.
• There is no limit on the number of people that can attend from your financial institution. To register more
than three attendees for a virtual session, please email Nicole Ortiz at nortiz@ksbankers.com.