2021 Deposit Trends & Strategy Outlook - October 21
2 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

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Who could have imagined that the industry’s concerns over liquidity would transform almost overnight from, “Where do we get more funding?” to “Where do we put all this funding?” The unprecedented COVID deposit surge has cushioned liquidity levels and interest rate risk sensitivities but has created tremendous uncertainty on the stability of this growth. The industry is now challenged with all-time low margins in an environment of historic low interest rates and faced with the dilemma of how aggressively to redeploy this “excess” liquidity – while trying to build expectations for the next round of stimulus. Our goal for this webinar is to help bring clarity to the historical deposit surge and to share ideas to help prepare for what is next. Join DCG’s Deposits360°® team of consultants as they share observations on the current state of the deposit landscape and provide strategic insights into issues facing fi nancial institutions of all sizes. With live case studies leveraging the new Deposits360°® Cross-Institution Analytics platform, which includes over 2 billion individual deposit records, spanning two decades of rate cycles with 4,700 branches in 48 states, DCG will present key trends with actionable insights.
Program Highlights:
• Deposit pricing and balance outlook for 2021
• Breaking down everything related to the COVID surge to get a bett er sense of future cash levels
• An inside look at decay and balance trends on specifi c surge cohorts (e.g. new accounts vs. existing)
• Review pricing and decay trends on MMDAs and CDs
• How to utilize forecasting and deposit analytics as a strategic advantage
• Risk management implications…how has the recent surge (and potential for additional stimulus growth)
  impacted our risk models?
The Speakers
Billie Guthrie is a Deposit Consultant at Darling Consulting Group, working directly with financial institution executives to validate and bett er understand key deposit assumptions utilized in risk models. In addition to supporting core deposit study analyses, he also educates DCG’s client base on utilizing data analytics to support strategic deposit decisions through Deposits360°®, DCG’s proprietary tool.

Joe Kennerson is a Managing Director at Darling Consulting Group, where he works directly with senior management teams on building customized balance sheet strategies to improve earnings and manage risk. Joe strives to be an expert in overall Asset Liability Management and educates ALCOs in the inevitable balance of financial performance and regulatory appeasement. He is a frequent speaker on ALM topics and strives to make the complex simple while bringing a high level of energy to his sessions. 

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